SAP Basis

Techleap Systems Inc. can provide a high-availability (99.5% up-time) and high-performance turn-key solution for supporting your SAP systems environment. We will get you out of the business of finding, hiring and retaining qualified Basis personnel, as well as the ongoing challenge of maintaining your hardware and software to support your SAP environment.

Techleap Systems Inc. provides system administration (Basis) services including backup, help desk and operational management of the hardware and software far more effectively and efficiently then can typically be done with internal teams. Techleap Systems Inc. will provide a one-stop, single-source solution encompassing system administration of the entire SAP technical landscape. All of this is possible due to the magnitude of experience gained over the years supporting customers with various SAP landscapes and developing streamlined processes and best practices based on it.

SAP Basis Competencies

Techleap Systems Inc.’s Basis Support services include the following
•    System support: Performing regular backups, monitoring and changing the runtime environment according to the project needs. Includes database administration and OS support.
•    Version change: Upgrading the SAP systems to new versions and installing latest modules
•    Landscape migration: We have expertise in the area of migrating SAP applications to a better suited hardware platform
•    Functional support: An experienced Basis team with expertise in providing fast and efficient business solutions
•    Technical support: Basis support in installation of patches, short dump analysis, locating errors to solve functional problems and correction of faulty reports and interfaces
•    Output device management: Expertise in installing and configuring various output devices like laser printers, dot matrix printers and barcode printers, configuring new printing methods etc
•    Integration of messaging systems: Integration of SAP systems with e-mail systems to implement effective information exchange with external business partners (customers, suppliers and authorities) and non-SAP user colleagues packages.

Value Proposition

•    Customized expert support solutions
•    Point- in- time availability. Quick response system
•    Continuous performance improvement
•    Improved business results

Key Engagements

The client  is  a  global  leader  engaged in  the  manufacturing  of mobile  data  capture and  delivery equipment such as barcode scanners, mobile computers, RFID systems etc.

The Challenge

The client's business operations were supported by a heterogeneous systems landscape consisting of SAP R3 4.7 and several custom applications. The client had implemented a number of core modules. As the SAP landscape was heavily customized to the client's business environment at different locations, maintaining this infrastructure was a challenging task. Ensuring high availability and performance of these systems was critical but challenging for existing internal support staff.

The client decided to outsource its SAP support to a partner and wanted for it to also assume responsibility for SAP Basis Administration and delivering enhancements for SAP. The objective was to evolve the existing support model to a managed services framework based on SLAs.

Techleap Systems Inc. conducted a detailed assessment of the client's support and maintenance processes.  Then by applying its well developed methodologies and best practices, Techleap Systems Inc. provided an SLA-driven SAP Basis administration and application support that greatly enhanced the client’s SAP system’s overall maintenance, reliability and performance.

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