SAP Human Capital Management

In the connected and competitive landscape the global HR Managers understand the need to innovate, and maintain a responsive workforce, now more than ever.  In  this endeavor the HR managers constantly evaluate the tools and processes to address the primary HR objectives - acquire, develop and retain human resource; the HR operational cost is aligned with the organization’s expenditure strategy; existent infrastructure supporting HR processes; coordination between people, processes and technology within the firm; the performance appraisal system pertinence to the organization’s goals.

Techleap Systems Inc. provides services for the Implementation, Upgrade and Support of SAP HCM.   Techleap Systems Inc. has a dedicated team of consultants specialized in SAP HCM implementations with competent HR domain knowledge.  Techleap Systems Inc.  follows  a  structured  consulting  lifecycle  to  address  business  challenges  of  the customers and approaches each challenge from a holistic point of view rather than reductionism.

SAP HCM Competencies

Techleap Systems Inc. relies on an immaculate implementation methodology to ensure successful implementation. The model facilitates a robust assessment of capability levels within the organization with respect to Human Capital Management i.e. Purpose, Role, Definition, Performance Management, Metrics etc. and assists in shaping the change agenda required to raise performance within the organization.

Techleap Systems Inc. extends services to automate all operational HR processes, such as

•    Personnel Administration
•    Time Management
•    Payroll (international)
•    Object Setting and Appraisal
•    Organization Management
•    Recruitment

Other specific people strategy services include: Talent Management, Performance Management Alignment, Organizational Learning, Personnel Cost Planning and Benefits

Value Proposition

Comprehensive understanding of needs, to deliver specifically tailored solutions that addresses key opportunities and challenges

•    Industry seasoned consultants with substantial domain knowledge and multiple HCM implementations experience, for clients within diverse industries, providing expert advice and developing sound solutions
•    An Immaculate implementation methodology, assessing capability levels within the organization with respect to HCM i.e. Purpose, Role, Definition, Performance Management, Metrics etc

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