Upgrade Solution


  • Define an upgrade strategy.
  • Estimate the cost of the project and effort involved.
  • Justify the required budget.
  • Understand the impact on existing systems. SAP infrastructure is typically complex.
  • Deploy on time and avoiding delays and unexpected risks.
  • Ensure business processes work as expected after the upgrade goes live.
  • Meet security and compliance requirements

Our Upgrade Activities

  • Conduct a complete as-is versus to-be system analysis.
  • Analyze SAP system usage.
  • Analyze custom code, programs and objects.
  • Identify SAP standard code that could replace custom code.
  • Identify unused custom code.
  • Identify all impacted objects and modules.
  • Identify impacted roles and authorizations.
  • Identify impacted business processes.
  • Generate test plans.
  • Compare systems to ensure consistency and synchronization.
  • Conduct an object comparison to identify inconsistencies in the ABAP dictionary.
  • Identify new transaction codes.
  • Identify any transaction codes that are now obsolete.

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