Small / Mid level Business solution

TechLeap Systems for small and medium-size businesses (SMB) brings the power of strategic HR in a solution set designed to meet your needs.

  • Employee Central for SMB: Access a single employee global system of record that is deployed in the cloud and brings greater workforce visibility.
  • Performance & Goals for SMB: Enable managers to align employee activities with organizational strategy and monitor performance — providing employees with continuous, meaningful feedback and coaching.
  • Compensation for SMB: Maximize the impact and return of compensation budgets by accurately rewarding employees’ performance, improving compliance, reducing manual errors, and motivating employees by implementing a pay-for-performance culture.
  • Learning for SMB: Accelerate performance, decrease expenses, and stimulate collaboration and innovation for employees, partners, and customers.
  • Succession & Development for SMB: Identify, develop, and retain talent at every level of your company — continually grooming your workforce to support growth or expansion opportunities.
  • Recruiting for SMB: Attract and engage top talent, select and hire the best-fit candidates, and then measure the ROI with reports that show the time to fill, budget savings, and other key metrics.

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