Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) processes are critical components for feeding a data warehouse or business intelligence system. While mostly invisible to users of a business intelligence platform, an ETL process retrieves data from all operational systems and pre-process it for further analysis by reporting and analytics tools. The accuracy and timeliness of the entire business intelligence platform rely on ETL processes, specifically:

  • Extraction of the data from production applications and databases (ERP, CRM, RDBMS, files, etc.)
  • Transformation of this data to reconcile it across source systems, perform calculations or string parsing, enrich it with external lookup information, and also match the format required by the target system (Third Normal Form, Star Schema, Slowly Changing Dimensions, etc.)
  • Loading of the resulting data into various business intelligence (BI) applications: Data Warehouse or Enterprise Data Warehouse, Data Marts, Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) applications or “cubes”, etc.

Solution: Techleap Systems  ETL for Analytics

Techleap System Inc.’s data management solutions are optimized for enterprise-grade ETL. The following features are especially critical to the design, development, execution and maintenance of open source data integration and ETL processes:

  • A highly scalable and fast execution open source platform that leverages a grid of commodity hardware, and the only solution to support the dual ETL and ELT architecture.
  • Broadest data integration connectivity to support all systems and get access to all the production data and easily add new source systems.
  • Built-in advanced components for ETL, including string manipulations, Slowly Changing Dimensions, automatic lookup handling, bulk load support and data mapping tools that can handle complex data mappings.
  • Business-oriented process modeling that involves business stakeholders and ensures proper communication between IT and lines of business.
  • Fully graphical development environment that greatly improves productivity and facilitates maintenance.

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